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The Great Truffle Oil Swindle (video)

During the 1990’s, truffle oil seemed to be everywhere. Seen as a cheaper alternative to genuine truffles, the oil was used in high-end restaurants by Michelin starred chefs. Suddenly in the mid 00’s, no reputable chef would touch the stuff. This video looks at how truffle oil fell out of favour

Truffling Etiquette – The Unwritten Laws For Hunters

A lot has been written about the darker aspects of truffle hunting in the last few years. Stories about dog-poisoning, GBH and arson attacks make for interesting reading at the best of times. All the more so when the incidents offer an insight into a very secretive circle that few have access to. Thankfully these dramatic episodes are hardly a representative insight into the fungus hunters\ world. The majority of truffling goes off with little more sensational than a pair of ripped trousers or a sandwich getting stolen by one of the dogs.

What are White Truffles?

There are two main kinds of white truffle that grow in different seasons. The white spring and the white autumn truffle. The latter is sometimes called the Alba truffle although this can be misleading.

white truffles

Julia’s Grandmother’s Gnocchi with White Truffle

I was very lucky for a time in my life to have the lovely Julia as my sister-in-law. Her grandmother Alice had come over from Sicily and lived in Pittsburgh, USA. This was one of grandma Alice’s own grandma’s recipes that my brother and Julia adapted during the years they lived together in Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

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