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Most dogs can be trained to hunt for truffles and they love it. Truffling encompasses so many of a dog’s favourite activities – running around outdoors, sniffing and digging. In short it’s the perfect hobby.

Truffling will also keep you fit, make you more alert and give you a real appreciation for the ecosystems which surround us. You might make some money but if you don’t you can look forward to eating like champs.

This is the simple step-by-step method that we use to train all our dogs. It will cost you nothing more than the price of a bottle of low-grade truffle oil


If you would like to train your dog to hunt for truffles. This video shares the method we use for training our truffle dogs. Here we start with five-month-old Allan, going through the steps from novice all the way to prized white truffle hunter.

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Indoor Training

With a little patience, a small amount of truffle oil and some sausages, it is easy to teach your dog to find truffles. Have fun bonding with your pet as he learns how to put his sniffing instinct to great use. Who knows where it will take you both?

indoor training
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Outdoor Training

Once your dog can find truffles in the house, it is time to move outside and onto the second stage. Watch Allan demonstrate the three steps in outdoor truffle training. Or for a realistic idea of what to expect during this phase, follow Jessie, our Lagotto Romagnolo. Jessie has had no previous outdoor truffle training and goes through the process from scratch. 

Training part 2
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Learn how we pre-train our puppies to ensure they have the best possible start in their life as a truffle hunter.  If you would like to train a slightly older dog to hunt truffles, check out the Masterclass video.

TURN YOU_PUPPY into a Truffle Dog
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Training Problems & Tips

There are several common issues that come up as you train your dog to find truffles. Perhaps your dog lacks focus or maybe you are wondering why he is not finding truffles out in the wild. Truffle training is not a linear process but often involves going back a few steps back.   

Why isn't my dog learning
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