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Most dogs can be trained to hunt for truffles and they love it. Truffling encompasses so many of a dog’s favourite activities – running around outdoors, sniffing and digging. In short it’s the perfect hobby.

Truffling will also keep you fit, make you more alert and give you a real appreciation for the ecosystems which surround us. You might make some money but if you don’t you can look forward to eating like champs<

This is the simple step-by-step method that we use to train all our dogs. It will cost you nothing more than the price of a bottle of low-grade truffle oil

Part One

Whatever the breed, you can train your dog to hunt for truffles following our simple tried-and-tested method. We don’t sell dogs or train dogs for others, we are just truffle hunters with many years experience training our own dogs.

Play Video about Training your dog part i

Part Two

In the second part of the series we go outside. There are 3 steps. The dog learns to focus on the truffle smell ignoring other enticing odours. Then you will teach her how to locate truffles which have been hidden before the final step where she learns how to dig up buried truffles.

Training part 2
Play Video about Training part 2

Part Three

Where do you go from here? Your dog can recognize the truffle aroma even when it is buried. He or she can locate the source of the smell and dig it out. Congratulations you now have a truffle dog. So what happens now that you are ready to find truffles in the wild. Where should you go?<

in the wood
Play Video about in the wood

No one will tell you where to hunt truffles with your dog but the above video will tell you how. We look at how to get ready to find truffles out in the woods. The dog has done most of his work so the first step deals with how you need to prepare.

Getting started as a truffler is tricky as no one will ever tell you exactly where to go and hunt. You will learn about exactly what you need to research and how best to do it. The second step looks at how truffle hunters explore in order to optimize their chances of success.

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