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Truffle Oils and the Truffle Industry

  1. The Great Truffle Oil Swindle
  2. How To Make Real Truffle Oil
  3. Is ALL Truffle Oil Fake?
  4. The Trade Secrets of the Truffle Industry (1)
  5. Trade Secrets of the Truffle Dealers Exposed (2)
  6. How to buy a top quality truffle
  7. The coming BOOM in the U.S. truffle industry – how to be part of it.
  8. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Truffles.
  9. Looking After White Truffles.

The Great Truffle Oil Swindle

What is Wrong With Truffle Oil?

A quick look at the truffle oil scam. Until the early 2000’s the ingredient was widely used in the best of restaurants around the world. Why did it fall so far out of favour? Wondering if your favourite brand of truffle oil is fake or not?

How To Make Real Truffle Oil

Seeing as commercial truffle oil is not actually flavoured with truffles, if you want the real thing then you will have to make it yourself. The recipe for real truffle oil (both methods) is 500ml good quality light olive oil 20 grams of black summer truffle (shaved or chopped into very small pieces)

Is ALL Truffle Oil Fake?

Confused about truffle oil? You should be – that confusion is intentional. What is truffle extract/aroma/concentrate/essence? Does natural truffle flavour come from an actual truffle? Are there any truffles oils on the market that are not fake? This video clarifies some of the many cloudy issues surrounding commercial truffle oil. It also reveals some of the truffle industry’s deceptive practices. Learn how truffle companies trick the consumer into believing that their brand of oil is the real thing, flavoured with actual truffles and hence worth the hefty price tag.

The Trade Secrets of the Truffle Industry (1)

All sectors of business have their secrets but none more so than the truffle industry which is founded on secrecy from top to bottom. This video, the first in a two part series, looks at the rather mysterious life of the truffle hunter.

Trade Secrets of the Truffle Dealers Exposed (2)

Find out what really happens in the secret world of the truffle dealer. As Italian truffle companies struggle to keep control of the world’s truffle supply, they rely heavily on the illusions manufactured by their marketing departments. It seems that there is a tipping point in sight as more of the public become aware of the reality behind the quaint stories and exorbitant prices.

How to buy a top quality truffle

This video shows you how to get the best black summer truffle for your money. You are buying a premium product, an expensive ingredient so it is worth knowing how to choose wisely to ensure that you will never be disappointed by the lack of flavour in a black truffle. Find out the best time to buy and learn what a great tasting product looks, feels and smells like.

The coming BOOM in the U.S. truffle industry - how to be part of it.

Every year tons of U.S.truffles are left unharvested across the country. Meanwhile, global demand for these incredibly valuable fungi is increasing rapidly. If you love exploring outdoors with your dog and are looking for ways to make extra income, truffling could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Find out more about this exciting industry and how you can make the most of being in the right place at the right time.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Truffles.

Prince Philip’s passion for truffles was born in the 1960’s during a trip to Italy and lasted until the end of his life. In his nineties, the Duke became the first person in the UK to successfully grow black winter truffles at Sandringham where he had planted inoculated hazel and oak trees in 2006. The fact that he undertook such a task so late in life is testament to great patience and a love of innovation notwithstanding age. His pioneering work in the field hints at the future for truffle orchards in the colder countries of the north. It seems that climate change is already starting to cause a shift in growing regions. Truffles of all species seem to be on the decline in southern Europe and on the increase in places such as Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Looking After White Truffles.

How to pack and send white winter truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

White truffles are delicate and have a very brief shelf life. Shipping them is a battle against time, temperature and moisture. This video shows how to protect truffles during transit and what to do when you receive a truffle you have ordered

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