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Tutorial for Beginners

How to find truffles

Want to know how to find truffles? Learn the tricks of the trade from experienced hunters. All the information you need to start finding truffles out in the wild.

How to find truffles
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A series of videos looking at how to hunt the different species of commercial truffles. The series begins above by explaining where to find them  takes you out on the hunt.  How to Find Truffles explains growth factors and will give you more information on how to identify truffle growth sites in your area. The site’s Cuisine section shows you how to make  delicious dishes with what you find.

Tutorial for Beginners

How to Hunt the Precious White Truffle

Learn how to hunt the white winter truffle – the only species which cannot be cultivated, the most precious of all the truffles. The video contains enough information to start out you out in the addictive search for the tuber magnatum. F

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Hunting White Truffles

How to Dig Out a Truffle

Watch how the hunters remove a large white truffle from the earth. When you find a white truffle of this size it could be worth around $600 but if you break it, the truffle halves in value. Digging it out is a delicate operation. The mood totters between exuberance and anxiety – can they get the truffle out in one piece?

How to dig out truffles
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How to Find

Black Winter Truffles

 This video takes you out on the hunt. The tuber brumale is a hardy truffle and hunters have recently begun to find it in colder climates such as Germany and the UK. Generally speaking, the truffle tends to be overlooked and unfavourably compared to the more costly and renowned Perigord. This is a pity as tuber brumale is a delicious truffle in its own right. It has an earthy, musky aroma and more depth of flavour than the black summer truffle.

How to find black winter truffles
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How to Find

Black Summer Truffles

The black summer truffle (grows May to September depending on the country) is the commonest of all the species, it is found all over Europe and beyond. It grows just below the surface of the earth which makes it easy for inexperienced truffle dogs to sniff out. Unfortunately, it is impossible to list exact growth factors as they vary greatly from region to region, however these videos will tell you exactly what to research, where to explore, when to hunt and what to look out for.

hunt for black summer tuffles
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Scouting for sites


In this video we go on a scouting expedition to check out potential black summer truffle sites. What do you need to look out for? Find out what makes a good growing spot for tuber aestivum and which areas can you cross off your list

where to find truffles
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How to Find

Burgundy Truffles

Hunting the burgundy truffle (tuber uncinatum) is fast becoming a popular hobby and rightly so. The truffle is found pretty much all across Europe during the autumn months.

As well as being a profitable pastime – at the time of recording truffles are currently retailing for around 750 euros per kilo – it is tremendous fun for both you and your dog.

Lets hunt for burgundy truffles
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Finding White Truffles

How to level up as a white truffle hunter!

How to Find More White Truffles FIve simple tips to help you improve as a hunter in the fiercely competitive search for the white winter truffle.

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Happy hunting….

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