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White Truffles

What are White Truffles?

There are two main kinds of white truffle that grow in different seasons. The white spring and the white autumn truffle. The latter is sometimes called the Alba truffle although this can be misleading.

white truffles

Hunting For Today’s White Truffles

The day started at first light. Truffles have been thin on the ground until now but today there were signs that the season is picking up. In the photo above you get a close-up of a truffle which has just been exposed. This one was found at around 11am today (4th November 2019)  by Giovanni and Zeppo.

Today's truffle

The Biggest White Truffles Ever Found.

Every year a handful of remarkable white truffles are found that cause a lot of fuss. Most truffle hunters will feel very lucky to find a truffle weighing over 200 grams, here we are talking about truffles around the kilo mark. These are the real prizes in the world of truffles, where the big money is so naturally all hunters dream of finding buried treasure in the form of a super-size white truffle.

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