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Truffling Etiquette – The Unwritten Laws For Hunters

A lot has been written about the darker aspects of truffle hunting in the last few years. Stories about dog-poisoning, GBH and arson attacks make for interesting reading at the best of times. All the more so when the incidents offer an insight into a very secretive circle that few have access to. Thankfully these dramatic episodes are hardly a representative insight into the fungus hunters\ world. The majority of truffling goes off with little more sensational than a pair of ripped trousers or a sandwich getting stolen by one of the dogs.

Hunting For Today’s White Truffles

The day started at first light. Truffles have been thin on the ground until now but today there were signs that the season is picking up. In the photo above you get a close-up of a truffle which has just been exposed. This one was found at around 11am today (4th November 2019)  by Giovanni and Zeppo.

Today's truffle
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